Quick Update

Cleaned the entire motorcycle today. You should have seen the sludge inside the gas tank. Carb and jets were cleaned, air filter cleaned, spark plugs replaced, and the fuel line replaced. I also managed to add in an inline fuel filter to hopefully prevent any crap from entering the combustion chamber. The spark plugs showed some carbon deposits, so I’m thinking the fuel/air mixture is probably off. Either that or the piston rings are about to go, hah!

Bonus: managed to spray carb cleaner directly into my right eyeball. Of course it was my good eye, hah! Y’all should have seen how quickly I ran to the emergency eye wash station a.k.a. the water faucet. So far so good, not blind yet!

Tomorrow I start the Beast up again!

And, well, hopefully, write something about the last 4 months.


  • Good to see you updating again and sorry to have missed saying hi a couple weeks ago.

    Just curious if you read this and your thoughts on if the area around Michoacan is really that unsafe?


    • Hey Dustin, yeah bummer on missing y’all a few weeks ago, though I hear you found Dirty Martini. 😉

      I haven’t read that particular article, but I was following Harry’s disappearance since January. Very sad what happened to him in the end, but at least there is some closure now. My condolences to his family and his friends.

      That said, Michoacán is extremely dangerous, and he would have been wise to go around it. I met many Mexicans and travelers in Sinaloa and Baja who advised me to avoid that state, as well as Acapulco and it’s surrounding areas. I also can’t tell you how many times I’ve met someone who tearfully told me their stories about their escape from Michoacán, and still having family back there that could not leave. It’s heartbreaking because it’s supposed to be a very beautiful part of the country. I personally skirted through the northern part of the state while traveling to Mexico City, but I like to think I mitigated as much risk as I could.

      It’s the law of the bullet down there, and the danger is not overstated. I advise people to avoid those areas, and of course, avoid the border towns.