My route will take me west from Austin towards California, where I will cross into Baja California at Mexicali.  Along the way I will be stopping at a few national parks and other famous sight’s in America’s southwest.  In Baja, I will take a ferry from La Paz to Mazatlán, Mexico, and I will then ride south through the Yucatán and the remainder of Central America, ending up in Panama.

Once you get to Panama you have two options of crossing the Darien Gap.  Well, technically three, but trailblazing solo through the Gap is suicide. You can either load your bike onto a yacht and travel a few days through the San Blas Islands, a veritable island paradise, or pack up the motorcycle and air freight it to Colombia.

In Colombia, I’ll continue south through the Pacific side of the South American continent, ending up in Ushuaia.  I’ll then turn north and get to Buenos Aires, arrange shipping for the motorcycle and fly myself back to Austin, TX where I’ll be greeted by millions of adoring fans, heaps of the finest barbecue, and immediate heat stroke from a good ol’ fashioned Texas summer.

At least, that’s the plan. We’ll see what the road decides as I get on my way!

For more details, here’s a Google map I whipped up of points of interest I’d like to check out, and yes, I’m continually updating it.

Suggestions welcome!

For my actual route, you’re best off looking at my Spotwalla map.