Quick Update

Cleaned the entire motorcycle today. You should have seen the sludge inside the gas tank. Carb and jets were cleaned, air filter cleaned, spark plugs replaced, and the fuel line replaced. I also managed to add in an inline fuel filter to hopefully prevent any crap from entering the combustion chamber. The spark plugs showed some carbon deposits, so I’m thinking the fuel/air mixture is probably off. Either that or the piston rings are about to go, hah!

Bonus: managed to spray carb cleaner directly into my right eyeball. Of course it was my good eye, hah! Y’all should have seen how quickly I ran to the emergency eye wash station a.k.a. the water faucet. So far so good, not blind yet!

Tomorrow I start the Beast up again!

And, well, hopefully, write something about the last 4 months.



What Should I Do Next?


I’ve been offered a lucrative opportunity in Portland for a few months, which I’m seriously considering taking. This would let me refill my coffers, so to speak, allowing me to travel even further following this contract. It’s kind of a no-brainer to be completely honest.

My issue of course is what to do with the motorcycle, as I fully intend on completing the trip. And yes, I do realize this is the opportune time to head into South America, but Lady Opportunity is banging down my door.

So my choices are:

* Leave the motorcycle in Playa del Carmen. I’d store it at a friends house (drained this time, heh), and fly back later on to retrieve it.  The problem is that it is currently on an (expired) temporary vehicle import visa (TVIP), so I’d need to renew it in Cancun or at the border of Belize. Could be tricky, but certainly doable, and actually, necessary, as not canceling the TVIP will cause me serious problems any time I return to Mexico. Now being a vehicle smuggler, of course.

* Sprint to Panama. Basically run through all of Central America in 2 weeks or so, and ship the motorcycle out of Panama to Texas. There I’d retrieve it, pop it in the back of my truck and take it with me to Portland for off road fun while I work this gig. Keep the skills sharp! The main drawback is I would miss most of what the Central American countries have to offer, as I’d be speeding through to make the port. In the future I would just ship it back.


* Ship the bike out of Cancun. Similar to the previous option, just less traveling. Bike arrives in Miami or Houston and we go from there.

* Forget about the gig and keep going. Self explanatory.

* Ride back to Austin through Mexico. I don’t really want to do this but its probably the cheapest option. Mostly because I don’t want to backtrack north if possible. I’m guessing it’d take 3-4 days, though I’d have to pass through Tampico, which isn’t so great these days.


I’m at a bit of crossroads. Leave me your thoughts in the comments!