What Should I Do Next?


I’ve been offered a lucrative opportunity in Portland for a few months, which I’m seriously considering taking. This would let me refill my coffers, so to speak, allowing me to travel even further following this contract. It’s kind of a no-brainer to be completely honest.

My issue of course is what to do with the motorcycle, as I fully intend on completing the trip. And yes, I do realize this is the opportune time to head into South America, but Lady Opportunity is banging down my door.

So my choices are:

* Leave the motorcycle in Playa del Carmen. I’d store it at a friends house (drained this time, heh), and fly back later on to retrieve it.  The problem is that it is currently on an (expired) temporary vehicle import visa (TVIP), so I’d need to renew it in Cancun or at the border of Belize. Could be tricky, but certainly doable, and actually, necessary, as not canceling the TVIP will cause me serious problems any time I return to Mexico. Now being a vehicle smuggler, of course.

* Sprint to Panama. Basically run through all of Central America in 2 weeks or so, and ship the motorcycle out of Panama to Texas. There I’d retrieve it, pop it in the back of my truck and take it with me to Portland for off road fun while I work this gig. Keep the skills sharp! The main drawback is I would miss most of what the Central American countries have to offer, as I’d be speeding through to make the port. In the future I would just ship it back.


* Ship the bike out of Cancun. Similar to the previous option, just less traveling. Bike arrives in Miami or Houston and we go from there.

* Forget about the gig and keep going. Self explanatory.

* Ride back to Austin through Mexico. I don’t really want to do this but its probably the cheapest option. Mostly because I don’t want to backtrack north if possible. I’m guessing it’d take 3-4 days, though I’d have to pass through Tampico, which isn’t so great these days.


I’m at a bit of crossroads. Leave me your thoughts in the comments!

  • RL

    continue with the trip! im sure youll get another golden opportunity down the road, but coming up with time like this may be tough

  • Ship it from Cancun. Work the Winter in Portland. Work on your snow moto skills. Actually, I’ve seen people with ski/snowboard racks on motorcycles in the past. In case you were curious.

    I don’t think a little hiatus from the road would be too horrible for you. Get you back on the computer. It would probably help motivate you to get the hell out of the States again and back on your journey.

    My two cents.

    • Of for sure there would be some snowboarding lessons in my future Thom!

  • urdad

    Leave it. You can always resume your trip later or ship it back later. Make enough money that the location of a $2K bike is the least of your worries.

    • That’s kind of where I’m leaning. Its more of an $8k bike though, with all the upgrades, spare parts, and luggage.

  • Keep going! Jobs are jobs. There will be another one (maybe HA!)

    Also it’ll be summer down south. You’ll have to wait a whole year to get the timing right again.

    RL is right. You may never have this much time available again.

  • Christian (Zoo) Gardner

    I vote leaving the bike in Playa del Carmen bro. Why sprint through Central America now when you can stroll through it later? I’d definitely go to Portland. In the end it’s still an extension to a great adventure, and you’ll be getting paid to do it, which in turn will continue to fund your awesome excursion!

  • Audrey Bronson

    Hi Phil,
    I’m Nick and Shelly’s neighbor. We’ve never met, but I love adventure, so I follow your site.
    Just my opinion, but this is a fork in the road (opportunity). I’ve had many wonderful opportunities in my life because of that “fork” in the road.
    I believe that things happen for a reason. You may not know it now, but later it in years you will see why.
    I say ship the bike since it means so much to you, and you can tinker on it at any time.
    Take the fork and see what new adventure it brings.
    Best of luck.

  • Either keep going (work is work always there amd then you die) or leave the bike so you are forced to return and continue on.

    Don’t rush to Panama, as great things await in Belize, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

    If you go the job route you can pick up and resell a cheap enough bike in Portland.

  • Sammy G

    I say go to portland and stack the fat stacks and get some slope time. SA is huge and should take you a fair while to get through so I wouldn’t worry about the seasons. Remember it is North South orientated so if it is summer in the bottom it is dry in the North. Also more money now = more travel later. Get a dog up ya.

    • Yes Samwise YES. I’m with ya. Say hi to Chewie for me! I’ll catch a ride from Valparaiso to Melbourne and drop off some muffins.

  • Lorcan

    I would take the work if I were you and leave the bike & luggage if I could get somewhere secure to store it. Returning on the bike and then having to repeat your run out of the US might become tedious and discourage you. Flying out and leaving all your gear will let you sort of press pause on the adventure. The money you earn will be a bonus and you’ll probably have a greater appetite for the road again once you’ve completed the contract.

  • StaleFish

    Leave it. You said yourself that you fully intend to continue the trip. This is the cheapest option. Go earn some more travel money and get back on the road soon!

  • Shelly

    Go work, store bike and then meet Nick and I in Belize in November! Lol. Seriously, it is one of our stops on cruise! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hahaha I would love to! But I wouldn’t be back until December. Maybe an early Christmas stop in Florida is in store for me? ๐Ÿ˜‰